Hydrostatic Podcast is made up of a variety of segments. Here, we've included a list of those segments, as well as a link to all of the shows that include that segment.

Question for the Panel

Usually a quick question to get the discussion going, Ash tends to ask these at the beginning of the show as a way to find out how the hosts and guests are feeling and how they approach various parts of the game. If you have a question for the panel, submit it to our email or twitter.

Mechanics Drilldown

The Mechanics Drilldown focuses on a particular mechanic or system in Eve, and attempts to go in depth on how you can use it and what it means for the larger game community. We sometimes talk about a mechanic from an upcoming patch once it's been released to Singularity

Know your Lore

In Know your Lore, Phy researches and tells the story of a part of the backstory and fictional history of New Eden while the other hosts and guests interrupt to ask him questions.


The hosts and guests answer questions submitted through email and twitter.

The Metagame

The Metagame segment focuses on something that players do around Eve Online that directly affects it. Often, this focuses on real-world skills that apply to the game and strategies for interacting with people rather than with game mechanics specifically.


In Retrospective, we go back and look at how something we said in a previous episode has shaken out, and whether our predictions were correct or not.

Pub Quiz

In the Pub Quiz, we answer the previous Pub Quiz's question and discuss it, and then provide a new question to be answered in the next Pub Quiz segment. The questions will cover all aspects of Eve, and will also give some insight into the way Eve is or the way it has changed.

Emergent Gameplay

The player-driven counterpart of Know your Lore. Here, we examine, usually with a guest, the player-created stories of New Eden.

Market Lockedown

Locke discusses an aspect of the market and producing for it in this short Freakonomics-style segment.


For when we really want to just ask questions of our panelist. Often reserved for CCPers.

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