Wednesday, March 30, 2016

HP 27: The Powerhouse of the Cell

You didn't want to read last episode's mailbag again, did you?

Recorded March 16th, 2016

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We welcome HPA_Dichroic and Yadaryon to the show!

Question for the Panel

What would you most like to change about Project Discovery in the future?

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Last Episode's question: A certain Gallente songwriter once wrote a song about his lost love. Name the artist.

Answer: Jaroud Dertier (check the show info for Azure Plagioclase)

Thanks to Meliannah for this question.

Congratulations to MinisculeMinja Barviainen for being our random winner of 4000 Aurum! (And honorable mention to Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, the only other listener to get the question, even though we gave everybody five months to answer.)

No new question for this episode

Mailbag, Corrections, and Updates

  • New Patrons: Alan Shroue, Angel Penshar (who compares us favorably to piss!), Degestus Chene, Yuriegh(Yur-ig) Orindril(Orin-drill), Benji, Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, and El'Basin, who upped his gift for the holiday season
  • James Sylvestre's list of collective nouns:
    • Uprising of Minmatar
    • Congregation of Amarr
    • Hustings of Gallente
    • Pantheon of Jove
    • Orgy of Blood Raiders
    • Shamble of Sansha
    • Band of Guristas
    • Explosion of Rogue Drones (Assembly?)
    • Murmur of Sisters of Eve
    • Gang of Serpentis
    • Knuckle of Shadow Cartel

Mechanics Drilldown

Project Discovery

Know Your Lore

Special guest Rhavas gives us the lowdown on Inheritance

Closing Thoughts

  • Dichroic shouts out his scientist friends at HPA, Atilla at MMOS, and the team at CCP
  • Yadaryon shouts out CCP Wonderboy, and suggests that CCP hire him full time
  • Locke creatively gives a shoutout to the guests and all of Project Dicsovery
  • Phy gives a shoutout to the Tweetfleet Slack Moderation team member Sibs

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Introduction, transition, and closing music "In the Magnificent Realm" by CCP Games


  1. Glad to see you guys back again :) I've done a lot of Project Discovery; I have earned my first combat suit and working on my second and have 97.4% accuracy. I'd like to see the tutorial enhanced to show examples of exactly what to look for in the green layer. i.e filled nucleus = Nucleus, nucleus with holes = nucleoplasm etc.

    The mouse-over windows are not well laid out; you constantly need to "mouse-off" and wait for them to go away to reach other hexes.

    The change in scoring means you only need to *really* pay attention to the low numbered slides, because they're the ones that will change your accuracy, which is a shame. I hope they'll re-include comparison with the players' choices, but perhaps limit it to only those players with a high accuracy.

    A specific tutorial about what is, and isn't, cytoplasm appears to be necessary! They probably have enough data by now to see what other common mistakes we're making, and the tutorial could reflect that. They might even link to a video, like the new in-game CCP tutorials, to address them.

    Overall I'm really glad CCP included this and I hope we, the players, do well enough to repay the effort that HPA have put into this project.

  2. Maby Jove went full Skymother or something like that(WH chain to a diffrent galaxy)

  3. Love episode glad ur back. when HPA_Dichroic mentioned they have a dictionary site. TELL THEM TO PUT A LINK ON PROJECT DISCOVERY WINDOW. would be so user friendly to have the link right there to click for the dictionary if you want to know more when your in a sample in the game.