Friday, December 25, 2015

Lore Update: December 23rd, YC117

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  • Makoto Priano
  • Morwen Lagann

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About Hydrostatic's Lore Update

The Lore Update is a regular update of the lore with a subset of our excellent lore panelists.

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  1. Awesome update, I always look forward to listening, especially to double layered tin foilery!

  2. My son liked this video a lot.He was even asking me to name the trade name of my new business by its name.Anyway.An awesome update!

  3. Ingame names: Asteras, Stelios Daskalakis.

    Here is what is of particular interest to me at this point: the exact nature of jamyl's "possesion". If the infomorph is residing within the empress's mind in its entirety then there are certain limitations, limitations imposed by the "wetware" computational power a brain provides, combined with the implants jamyll has installed AND the fact that two distinct intelligences must be supported within a single brain. This makes the situation more managable if the need for combating the infomorph appears, both directly and indirectly.

    If however the infomorph is not present in its entirety in the empress then we are in deep shit.Quite literally impossible to calculate deep shit. If the infomorph has in its hardware infrastructure conclave sized facility's, entirely dedicated to its intelligence, then we are in for a wild run. On top of that its even more troubling the fact that we now know that megastructuring (ie dyson spheres) are possible and in fact exist. If this infomorph is utilizing such a thing for hardware, let alone multiple linked dyson spheres and if it wishes hostile intent then game is over. In ways we cant imagine.

    My tin foilery then is this: the infomorph, high in sophont level as it is, is still quite limited and forced to utilize a host in political power to further its goals. That goal would be to expand its intelligence, and the way it achieves that, is through gaining access to old talocan constructs(if more exist, which i think is safe to say that they do). The drifters are aware of this intent, they are aware that it controls jamyll (hence the hostility towards the ammarians, since jamyll, under the others influence, started blowing sleeper conclaves)and they possibly combated it inside the construct, it escaped, orchestrated and initiated the isogen5 cataclysm which brought chaos to sleeper conclaves and it now intends to go to war with the drifters, the only force that it fears and stand as an obstacle to the old talocan constructs that it persues. The capsuleers might have a big role to play in this. With exectutive power inside the inner circle through Matshi Raish and his jovian inheretance we might gain freedom of action to develop technologicaly to the extent that we can combat or at least defend against a possible a super intelligence, archailect level or above. Or i might have read to much cyber punk :P

    As always, awsome work guys, if you want to contact me, mail me at