Tuesday, October 6, 2015

HP 25: There's Nothing Stopping You

Recorded September 27th, 2015

Direct link: http://dl.hydrostaticpodcast.com/HP_25_Theres_Nothing_Stopping_You.mp3


We welcome ISD Sheliak Mesarthim and ISD Tedra Kerrigan to the show!

Question for the Panel

Which heir do you back for the succession trials?

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Last Episode's question: What is the special ingredient in real-life Quafe?

Answer: Kacha root extract from teh mountains of Manesh on Athra. (Label: https://twitter.com/Gazimoff/status/328166544368599040)

Congratulations to Eric Freeman, Stalence, and Airacaz Astreaus for winning our random draw from the 12 people who submitted.

This Episode's question: How long did the fires of Malkalen burn?

(Thanks to Kamar Raimo for suggesting this question!)

Three people who get the correct answer will be drawn at random, and will receive any combination of NES store items worth 1965 AUR

Mailbag, Corrections, and Updates

  • New Patrons: Jeff, Baldur, Atomic Surge, Sarah Outamon, New Eden Meta
  • Thanks to our Patrons for supporting us while we’re in a lull. We won’t think any less of you if you reduce your patronage amount
  • Drone segment feedback:
    • Samira took issue with Ash’s suggestion in the last mechanics drilldown that Hornets are bad. They were bad, but aren’t anymore
    • Yanarfal points out that we neglected to talk about augmented, faction, and integrated drones
  • Voltaire Stonecraft of Aideron Robotics took it upon himself to figure out how to say Locke’s now-iconic “Truckloads of Drugs” in Icelandic so that we can all be prepared at Fanfest. They’re in the soundboard.
  • Eustise pointed us to the EveEye patreon. Check it out: https://www.patreon.com/eveeye?ty=h
  • Kylan suggested we do a drill down on Factional Warfare or Incursions. Those are two things we’ll likely get around to, probably in smaller bits, and thanks for the suggestion!
  • Theories
    • Received an interesting and well-developed theory on the Other and the AI Singularity from Kyle Craze. As with all Lore theories, I wanted to remind people that while I personally really enjoy reading them, the experts are all in the #lore channel on the Tweetfleet slack!
    • Rick Mackling, like many of you, is expecting Jamyl to come back as a Drifter, but we’re pretty sure that CCP Falcon’s statement that Jamyl is permanently dead is going to preclude that.
    • Resa Moon reminded us that Ghost Sites looked like they were going to be a major plot development, but they’ve sort of dropped off the radar. What gives, CCP?
  • Kami Nakama writes in to tell us quote “Hydrostatic is my motivation to keep on flying.”
  • Just so you know, we try to use the show to respond to mails we get, so if you don’t see an answer to your email, look for it on the next show. Same with the trivia--we’re no longer responding individually to those mails.
  • 1K subscribers to the Youtube channel. Woo!



Know Your Lore


Closing Thoughts

  • Thanks to Simukz for running the Eve303 meetups in Denver!
  • /u/UpgradeNova is doing great work on Reddit with the Friendship Friday Nice Threads
  • /u/Cormak got CCP Pizza!
  • There’s a new awesome “Drifter Activity Intensifies” gif, that we’re told was made by Kyoko
  • Shoutouts to Darth Skorpius and Nova Haven from Ash
  • @psychosteve on Twitter let us know about a gofundme for an Eve player who lost his wife August 12th. He's sent us details that make us pretty confident this is legitimate.
  • We'll all be at Eve Vegas! Come say hi and get stickers!

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Introduction and Transition music: Music from the Vanguard release by CCP Games
Closing music is Pandemic Legion by David K. Magnus with additional vocals by Wendy Magnus

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