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HP 24: Like a Child with a Toy

Recorded July 15th, 2015

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We have no guest this episode, but at least we have a podcast!

Question for the Panel

What is your favorite drone-based ship?

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Last Episode's question: What was CCP called before it was CCP?

Answer: Loki Margmiðlun or Loki Multimedia, from 1997-1999 (they made the original Danger Game)

Congratulations to Cyrillian Voth for winning our random draw from the 12 people who submitted.

This Episode's question: What is the special ingredient in real-life Quafe?

Three people who get the correct answer will be drawn at random, and will receive any combination of NES store items worth 1965 AUR

Mailbag, Corrections, and Updates

  • AK and Forlorn Gaeden wrote in to ask a huge number of questions, many of which don't yet have answers. To them and others of similar mind, I strongly suggest joining Tweetfleet Slack and the #lore channel and Mark726's lore primer
  • Samira corrects us: Heirs can be capsuleers, they just can't take advantage of cloning technology
  • Zappity pointed us to an interview with Max Singularity on Podside 330 that was very interesting. Thanks, Zappity!
  • New Patrons: Oliver, Guillaume, General Stargazer, Sany Saccente, Suzuha Yamada, Denise (and Jeff, but he'll get a shoutout in the next episode)

Mechanics Drilldown


  • Eve Uni’s class on drones: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Drones_101
  • Just for Locke, from Eve University: http://s757.photobucket.com/user/ScoopIrish/media/eveuni_trainingismagic_zps458366d9.png.html
  • Small/Medium/Heavy/Sentry/Fighter/Bomber
    • When to use which size?
      • Fighters and Bombers - Specialized for use on carriers and supercarriers. For hitting large targets
      • Sentry - stationary or slower targets. Gardes will track the best, Wardens the worst. Ranges vice versa.
      • Heavy drones - against battleships or battlecruisers. Very slow cruisers?
      • Medium Scout - Cruisers, very slow frigates
      • Light Scout - Frigates. Warriors and acolytes are fast, hobgoblins and hornets are slow but powerful. Never use hornets
  • Race effect for Damage and style:
    • Minmatar - Fastest and weakest, Explosive
    • Amarr - Fast and weak, EM
    • Caldari - Slow but strong, Kin
    • Gallente - Slowest but Strongest, Therm
  • Specialty Drones - When to use?
    • Geckos
    • “Augmented” drones
  • Key drone Skills
    • Drones (how many drones can I field?)
    • Drone Interfacing (10% to damage per level)
    • Drone Avionics (5km to control range)
      • Advanced drone avionics (3km bonus to control range, opens ewar drones)
    • Drone Durability (5% to armor/hull/shield)
    • Drone Navigation (5% to velocity)
    • Drone Sharpshooting (5% to optimal range)
    • Drone specializations (2% to racial damage)
  • Key drone modules
    • Drone Damage amplifier - Low
    • Drone Link Augmentor (control range T1=20km, t2=24km) - High
    • Drone navigation computer (increases MWD speed of drones--hardly ever used) - Mid
    • Omnidirectional tracking link (increases tracking/optimal of all drones) - Mid
  • Drone disadvantages
    • The only weapon system you can accidentally leave behind
    • MWD to target, then orbit (difficult for fast targets)
    • Vulnerable to smartbombs
    • drones can be idiots - make sure you turn on focus fire, and pay attention
    • Damage application may not match the use profile you need.
    • The only weapon system the enemy can dismantle with normal firepower.
  • Drone advantages
    • Difficult to target and destroy without smartbombs or fast lockers
    • tunable damage
    • drone assist (one person can control up to 50 drones)
  • Particularly good drone ships
    • Ishtar (still)

Know Your Lore


Closing Thoughts

  • Huge shoutout to our patreon patrons and our listeners for being patient with us and your tremendous support
  • Shout out to Nova Haven and the folks at Neocom.
  • Shout out to those who supported Ash
  • shoutout to the lore channel, Shoutout to our crews. RIP crews.

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Introduction and Transition music: Music for the Galatea Release by CCP Games
Closing music is Supercaps by David K. Magnus with additional vocals by Wendy Magnus

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