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HP 22: Amarr Victor!

Recorded May 5th, 2015

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We welcome Admiral Ascentior and Captain Yanarfal from Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE INC.)

Question for the Panel

From Steve Ronuken, with the release of SKINs came the highly controversial bug that allows you to skin any ship with any SKIN. What is your favorite SKIN/ship combo, or what would you like to see?

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Last Episode's question: What does the capital of Gallente Prime have in common with Caldari ships? 

Answer: Caille is the capital, which means "Quail" in French. Many Caldari ships are named after birds.

Note, here's an exhaustive list of all the non-bird Caldari ship names: Chimera, Cerberus, Caracal, Ferox, Naga, Widow, Golem, Scorpion, Wyvern, Charon, Leviathan, Onyx, Basilisk, Tengu, Manticore, Kitsune, Griffin, Badger, Tayra, Cambion, Taipan, Whiptail, Etana, Chameleon

Congratulations to Ibrahim and Cyrillian Voth for getting this right!

Thanks to Tarek Raimo for coming up with this question!

This Episode's question: What is the only planet in the game named after a capsuleer? Hint: we've covered this in a previous KYL segment.

The first person to submit the correct answer will receive a Navy Augoror, Navy Omen, and Navy Slicer, courtesy of PIE INC.

Every person who submits the correct answer will get a Sarum Magnate SKIN, thanks to our Patrons. We'll be working up to larger, more interesting prizes if this goes well.

Mailbag, Corrections, and Updates

  • Yanarfal submits our first lore-based insult: "You fedo licking Ealur!" Can you do better? All submissions will receive a Sarum Magnate SKIN
  • Angel T Hunter writes in to mention that while our Ishukone KYL segment says that the FNS Wandering Saint was piloted by Alexander Noir, those of you who’ve read Empyrean Age know it was actually the Broker
  • Kyle Yanowski writes: “Dear Lore Nerds: If a person was interested in starting an all sansha RP/PVP corporation and wanted to be well versed in all of the lore related to the faction... Is there a place with consolidated (aggregated) sansha lore that can be referenced? Or will I have to find it on my own.” Do you have any resources for Kyle? Let us know!
  • Tarkom Draggunsson writes to ask a number of questions about the confusing status of Capsuleers in the Amarr empire: The Amarr don't seem to like capsuleers, but allow them to Baseline with nobility; In Xenocracy, why doesn't Concord intervene?; What does Amarr military organization look like?
  • We give a shoutout to the new ingame channel "Pics In Space!" (with the exclamation point), a place to get custom pictures taken throughout the cluster by a volunteer group of photographers.
  • Resa Moon writes with a link to's interesting non-canon alternative perspective on capsule technology and operators
  • Twitter now allows DMs from accounts that aren't following you. We've turned that on.
  • Thanks as always to our Patrons: Benji, Chris, Raspberry Jam, Stalence, Alex, Brian, Liam, Bensel, and new Patrons: Jack Dancer and Elange

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Closing Thoughts

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Introduction and Transition music: Music for the Tiamat Release by CCP Games
Closing music is Dreads by David K. Magnus


  1. Lore based insult: In a piece of fanfiction I once read the very colourful expression "Son of a mangy slaver hound"

    Regarding Kyle's question. Some time ago I wrote a summary of Sansha history:

    In response to Tarkom Draggunsson: The Amarr don;t have a problem with capsuleers per-se, but there is a regulation which prevents capsuleers from becoming imperial heirs. It is called The Doctrine Of Sacred Flesh and states that only people who exist as inviolate and uncloned bodies are pure enough in the religious sense to be eligible as heirs. That puts the ascendency of Jamyl Sarum in question, but officially she has not been cloned but "brought back to life by God's will". Great thing how those in power can just interpret religion in any way that fits them ;)

  2. Incredible episode BTW. One of your best so far and that's saying a lot considering the high standard you maintain.

    1. Man, a compliment right after an insult. I'm not sure how to feel about that. ;)

      Thanks for all your feedback and the link. I've sent it off to Kyle.