Thursday, March 12, 2015

HP 20: Truckloads of Drugs

Recorded March 10th, 2015

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It's our anniversary episode, so we brought back Kirith Kodachi, our first ever guest on the show, who himself has recently celebrated 10 years of blogging!

Question for the Panel

Which dead Eve podcast would you like to see come back?

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Episode 19's question: What was the name of Mila Gariushi's AI protector, and who was it named after?

Answer: Vilamo

Congratulations to Stalence, Ibrahim, Swelter, Inef Tesseract, Random McNally, Grimathemad, Chasin Munny, and @splatus for getting the answer!

Special congratulations to Thanatos364 who got the answer within ten minutes of our posting it.

No question this episode. Check back in Episode 21 for a new question. Instead, we subject Kirith to a special live pub quiz on Hydrostatic history!

Mailbag, Corrections, and Updates

  • Thanks to ISD Archetys Traum for giving us the #theloreyouknow hashtag
  • Reah of Thorolund suggests a geography segment. Do you know Eve geography and want to be our guest? Contact us!
  • The first edition of the Know Your Lore Archive on Ishukone (from Episode 1) will be out March 16th!
  • We've created a list of all the topics covered in Know Your Lore
  • We've changed all of our URLs and names everywhere to HydrostaticEve (but all your old stuff, like feeds, will continue working)
  • Thanks to all of our Patreon patrons: Chris Sleight, Stalence, Bensel, Liam Ross, Val Arkadi, and Vic Vorlon!
  • Congratulations to Roderick Wortham for winning our Explorer pack. Please contact us to claim your prize!

Mechanics Drilldown

Electronic Warfare Frigates

We go over the Tech 1 and Tech 2 Electronic Warfare frigates, how they use their Ewar, and what counters them.

Know Your Lore


Closing Thoughts

  • Phy will have stickers to give away at Fanfest, but if you can't be there, you can buy them from StickerMule!
  • Ash thanks all the people who supported him in his CSM run!

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Introduction and Transition music: Gallente Melody 04 by CCP Games
Closing music is Fight Us Maybe by David K. Magnus, and sung by Holly Magnus


  1. Podded Podcast is also my favourite bygone.

  2. So many good podcasts have gone by the wayside, but I guess that's just how the world works :(

  3. The archive is an amazing idea. The link list is already great. I have listened to all of your shows but that list really brings home how many subjects you already covered.