Thursday, February 19, 2015

HP 19: Hey, Eve?

Recorded February 17th, 2015

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Introducing Bam Stroker!

Question for the Panel

What was the first Eve player gathering you attended?

    Phyridean's Pub Quiz

    Episode 18's question:  During the 10th anniversary of Eve, Hilmar told a story about the early days of Eve Online. What mechanic was being abused that opened his eyes to the true potential of the game he was making?

    Answer: Jetcan mining

    Congratulations to Red Revolver, Random McNally, Francisco Belaqua, Rucknar Sholran, Daehan Minyok, @eve_biohazard, @icenforce, Makoto Priano, Maximus Powerz, Kirith Kodachi, Agatir Solenth, Inef Tesseract, Neville Smit, Saint Chuthulu, Kinthras, Swelter, @fenjayminor, and Thanatos364

    Special congratulations to Lassira Denatia who got the answer within a half hour of our posting it.

    This Episode's question: What was the name of Mila Gariushi's AI protector, and who was it named after?

    (Thanks to Alluminora of Aideron Robotics for this question!)

    Mailbag, Corrections, and Updates

    • Thanks to everyone who subscribed to our Youtube Channel. We're up over 500 and growing steadily! Don't forget that everyone who subscribes by February 28th Eve time has a chance to win an explorer pack.
    • Johannes Bester of the Valhalla Project wrote in to ask if we could do a segment on Incursions. If you're an incursion expert and would like to be on the show, contact us!
    • We have no idea where Ammatar space is, apparently. They live in the Derelik region on this map:
    • A Drake was a Tier 2 battlecruiser, not a Tier 3 battlecruiser (the latter are now called Attack Battlecruisers)
    • Jadek Menaheim tweeted us an interesting article on Emergent Authorship:

    The Metagame: Bam Stroker

    What is Eve Down Under, and how do you run an Eve player event?

    Know Your Lore

    Karin Midular

    Closing Thoughts

    • We give a shoutout to the CCP people behind the video where the cast of the Tiamat Lore Panel are featured

    • and an obligatory screenshot
    • The Children of Light contest is still going on, with a Collector's Edition provided by
    • Locke gives a shoutout the Cap Stable crew for their tireless dedication to putting out CSM interviews
    • Bam is running for CSM

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    Introduction and Transition music:  Hyperion Release Theme and Kronos Release Theme by CCP Games
    Closing music is the soundtrack to This is Eve by Music Imaginary and CCP Games


    1. Wow, this time I find the Pub-Quiz very difficult. Does AI mean Artificial Intelligence?

      Sanit Chuthulhu

    2. Yep, AI=Artificial Intelligence. It helps to have read Templar One, but the information is also available from a google search if you get the right terms!