Thursday, February 12, 2015

HP 18: Pointing in the Direction It's Moving

Recorded February 7th, 2015

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Introducing CCP Darwin!
(Voice-over introduction for our special guest provided by Michael Ray of

Question for the Panel

What is your favorite model in EVE?

  • Phy: the Nighthawk/Drake
  • Locke: The Chimera/Phoenix
  • Ash: The Astero/Stratios
  • Darwin: The SOE Stations/Machariel

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Episode 16's question:  What was the name of the first race conquered by the Amarr?

Answer: the Udorians

Congratulations to Swelter, @theexperienceD, @eve_Rhavas, and Saint Chuthulu, who all got the answer!

This Episode's question: During the 10th anniversary of Eve, Hilmar told a story about the early days of Eve Online. What mechanic was being abused that opened his eyes to the true potential of the game he was making?


We answer questions from Random McNally, Stupidgenius, and Truckyh, and we give a status update on our two contests.

Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel before the end of February in order to win an Explorer pack, thanks to Smokey Couzzins!

Turdas on Reddit managed to trigger the Children of Light on Sisi, but wasn't able to replicate it. He was able to draw out another hint from Fozzie, but the competition for a Collector's Edition provided by goes on!

Hydrostatic Podcast Presents: CCP Darwin

We get a bunch of interesting insight into the development process and how art gets into the game

Know Your Lore

The Brutor Tribe and Maleatu Shakor

Closing Thoughts

  • CCP Darwin thanks CCP Mankiller, CCP Bluescreen, CCP Bunnyvirus, CCP Snorlax, and CCP Huskarl
  • Ash reminds you that you can still sign up for the Tweetfleet Slack
  • Ash also reminds you that he's running for CSM
  • Phy shouts out panelists for the Tiamat Lore Panel, Mark726, Rhavas, Morwen, Tarek, Anslo, and Uriel
  • Locke shouts out the Tiamat Lore Panel itself, as well as his friends in the Prosper channel in the Tweetfleet slack: Neugeniko and Warg Maulerant

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    Introduction and Transition music:  Tiamat Release Theme by CCP Games
    Closing music is "Surplus of Rare Artifacts" from the Eve Soundtrack as performed by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, ©2013 CCP hf.  All rights reserved.

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