Saturday, January 10, 2015

Player Event: Guristas Incursion

The following message was intercepted by Aideron Robotics surveillance drones:

#Begin transmission#

From: Mumara Kara
Subject: Guristas Attack

Chief Executive Officers of the Caldari State,

Our agents have learned of a planned Guristas attack to test new fighter technology they have been developing. 

While we have yet to learn where they will strike, we know that it will take place on YC117 01-19 @ 02:00 Eden Standard Time. 

We have also learned that the Guristas have enlisted the help of Gallente Militia Capsuleer corporations to pilot capital assets in this attack.

Please inform all security forces to be on heightened alert and prepared to respond with force. We are authorizing a bounty for the capture of any prototype fighter technology.

#End Transmission#

Stay tuned for further details.

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