Friday, August 29, 2014

HP 9: Always Have More Guns

Recorded August 26th, 2014

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Guest Expert: CCP Fozzie, spaceship developer extraordinaire.

Fozzie takes us to task for our discouragement of mixed gun classes on a ship fit.

Question for the Panel

What feature of Hyperion are you most excited about?

Lockefox: New BPO API endpoints
Phyridean: Wormhole changes (you can direct complaints about Phy's views on Wormholes to any of the correspondence links below)
Ashterothi: Burner missions! (Apparently, CCP Delegate Zero and CCP Lebowski came up with some innovative strategies for dealing with these that CCP Fozzie didn't expect.)
CCP Fozzie: Shareable overviews

Mechanics Drilldown

Ship Balance

"A good balance change is one that...opens up decision space" -CCP Fozzie

The Metagame

The Alliance Tournament

  • Around 47:00, Fozzie mentions that there will be "really cool stuff" for tournaments coming up in the next year.

Know your Lore

The Seyllin Incident

Closing Thoughts

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Introduction and transition music: Hyperion Release Theme by CCP Games
Closing music is also the Hyperion Release Theme, as we ran long, and it is relatively short. If you have any suggestions for Eve-related music, please let us know!

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