Thursday, July 3, 2014

HP 5: Titans are Whatever

Recorded July 1st, 2014

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Guest Expert: Yoyomommy of Aideron Robotics

Question for the Panel

What is your favorite ship class?

The Metagame

Discussions of Eve's tactical metagame are very different than those that happen in other games. We talk about why that might be.

Phyridean and Lockefox occasionally say 'meta' when they mean 'doctrine' or 'fleet composition', and they apologize for the confusion.


    The panelists answer questions from @icenforce on Twitter, and Dennis and Francky through email. Submit your questions to or @hydrostaticcast on Twitter, and we'll answer them on the air.

    We explain kitchen sink fleets, what 'reinforcement' is, what a 'point' is, and some broad guidelines for rigging ships and what core skills to have.

    Know your Lore

    The battle of Vak'Atioth

    Closing Thoughts

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    Music for this episode provided by Sindel Pellion. “Titan

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