Monday, June 9, 2014

Industry Changes - Finally in Beta!

Hey all, Lockefox here.  Cross posting from my blog over at EVE-Prosper.

CCP is standing firm with their commitment of June 10th for the big industry changes beta rollout.  Though the original rollout was scheduled for Kronos, CCP quickly changed gears and pushed release targets for Crius; also bumping the original Crius release date up by several weeks.

After consuming all the devblogs and player responses, it became clear that wall-o-text analysis of these changes was not going to be adequate.  Instead, I'm opting for "Show beats tell" and streaming direct reaction/analysis on Twitch.

As an intro to the changes either check out my blog, or check out my initial reaction stream on YouTube for a top-level breakdown of the devblogs:

If you're interested in getting ahead of the industry changes, tune in on Twitch!  Check out the streaming schedule below and either tune in live, or subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch up the next day.  Also, we will be experimenting with livestreaming the podcast on some of these days, so keep a close eye on the following calendar!  Also expect special guests on some streams where I can get them.  I will be covering everything from the base mechanics to tool development and beyond!

Tune in!

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