Friday, May 16, 2014

HP 2: Mordu is from Albania?

Recorded May 15th, 2014

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Phyridean is back from Fanfest. 

Phy and Locke argue over which of them is responsible for the delay of industry changes.


We answer:

How to deal with rats while mining in lowsec

How to pronounce Caldari Megacorporation names (according to standard English pronunciation)

Where to find monuments and wreck fields

How to make money in Factional Warfare

How to anticipate market changes for expansions

Thanks to Craig Hitoo, Xavier, Francky P, and Vic Vorlon for asking questions that we answered.

Question for the Panel

“What was the most important part of Fanfest?”

Prophecy trailer from Fanfest 2014:

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Mechanics drilldown

Neural remaps and attributes

We try to help you understand when and how to use neural remaps, as well as some background on how attributes work and which attributes match which skill groups

Know Your Lore

Mordu's Legion

General information on Mordu's legion:'s_Legion's_Legion_(Chronicle)
New Ships:

Conclusion, shout outs, etc

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