Friday, May 15, 2015

Hydrostatic Presents: Gleaned Information Lore Panel

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9pm EST, Monday, May 18th
(01:00 Tuesday, April 19th Eve time)

For a our fourth Lore Panel to discuss the latest lore events including:

  • The Gleaned Information coming from Jove listening posts
  • The detention of SCOPE reporters
  • Hilen Tukoss's broadcast

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  1. In the beginning Makoto mentions CONCORD went hands-off when one of their ships got destroyed but that isn't completely correct. When admiral Visera Yanala decided to engage the CONCORD vessel which she considered in violation of the Caldari no-fly zone in Luminaire CONCORD declared a state of emergency and Jacus Roden managed to convince them that the Federation could provide a resolution. That opened the way for Operation Highlander, fully sanctioned by the DED.

    Small detail on the side, the DED commander of that ship which got shot down was Odo Korachi. Sound familiar? Since he is still around today, he either got lucky and survived the destruction of his ship or he is a capsuleer.


    1. Thanks for the clarification on Luminaire event!

      I don't have it handy right now, but I believe Source's section on CONCORD explicitly says that Odo Korachi is one of a few capsuleers in the DED.

    2. I checked after you mentioned that. Korachi is listed as a special character but not explicitly as a capsuleer. Another person is however said to be one of the many capsuleers in CONCORD service, so maybe that makes Korachi one too.