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HP 23: Something New to do

Recorded May 26th, 2015

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We welcome Mynxee, Johnny Splunk, and Helios Anduath, of Signal Cartel and Eve-Scout

Ash is absent for real-life reasons, leaving us without our full panel of hosts for the first time ever

Question for the Panel

What makes you come back to Eve when you leave?

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Last Episode's question: What is the only planet in the game named after a capsuleer?

Answer: Eclipticum, in the Kor-Azor system, named after Ecliptical, who won the Amarr Succession Trials for Doriam Kor-Azor

Congratulations to Razk Geary for getting it first, and to the 21 other people who submitted the correct answer!

Thanks to Yanarfal for coming up with this question!

This Episode's question: What was CCP's name before it became CCP?

One person who gets the correct answer will be drawn at random, and will receive a SKIN of their choice worth up to 3455 AUR value!

Mailbag, Corrections, and Updates

  • Tarek Raimo gives us another lore-based insult or exclamation: "Son of a mangy slaver hound!"
    • Tarek also wrote in to remind us of the Doctrine of Sacred Flesh, which prevents capsuleers from becoming Heirs in the Amarr empire
    • Thanks as always to our Patrons: Benji, Chris, Raspberry Jam, Stalence, Alex, Brian, Liam, Bensel, Jack Dancer and Elange, and our new patrons: Neville, Gabrielle, Voltaire, Steven, and Bjorn!
    • We'll be sending out stickers to all patrons who have pledged at least $5, and have provided me with a physical address, at the end of May.

    Mechanics Drilldown

    Corporate Roles

    We take a bit of a different approach to the mechanics drilldown this time. Let us know what you think!

    For reference, condensed from this page, corporate roles and what they do:

    • Roles
      • Accountant
        • Can view corporate assets, unrent offices
      • Junior Accountant
        • Can view wallets and hangars and sell on behalf of corporation. 
        • Can only view corp assets locally
      • Auditor
        • View how roles have changed for a corporation member
      • Communications Officer
        • Send eve-mails
        • create calendar events and bulletins
        • set corporate bookmarks
      • Contract Manager
        • Create corporate contracts
      • Diplomat
        • Set corporate standings
      • Director: everything that a CEO can do except:
        • Rename hangar/wallet divisions
        • Join/create alliances
        • Assign director to other pilots
      • Fitting Manager
        • Does what it says on the tin
      • Personnel Manager
        • Invite people to the corporation
        • bulk-change people’s roles
      • Starbase Defense
        • Does what it says on the tin
      • Starbase Fuel
        • Can view all POS hangars, as well as fuel hangars
      • Config Starbase
        • Anchor, unanchor, online, offline POS structures
        • Get POS attacked mails
        • Anchor TCU, SBU, IHUB
      • Config Equipment
        • Anchor/Unanchor/Rename non-POS stuff in space
        • Access and password-protect containers in corp hangars
        • “Container Take” role renders this role useless for security
    • Station Service Roles
      • Factory Manager
        • Needs Rent Factory or Rent Research to install jobs
      • Rent Factory/Research
        • Install manufacturing/research jobs, but only with Factory Manager Role
      • Rent Office
        • Yep. Allows that.
      • Security Officer
        • View member hangars where corporate offices exist
      • Station Manager
        • Manages outposts, and installs ihub upgrades
      • Trader
        • buy and sell on behalf of corporation

    Emergent Gameplay

    Signal Cartel and Eve-Scout

    Know Your Lore


    Closing Thoughts

    • Our guests unanimously shout out their corpmates in Signal Cartel
    • We wish Ash a speedy and favorable resolution to his difficulties!

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    Introduction and Transition music: Music for the Carnyx Release by CCP Games
    Closing music is Can't Stop the Signal by Luobote Kong of Signal Cartel


    1. Regarding the heirs and capsuleers, the heirs *can* be capsuleers. What they can't be is clones. All of the heirs from Jamyl's time were capsuleers, but they all had the scanners in their pods turned off when they committed Shathol'Syn (except for Jamyl).


      (removed previous comment to make an edit!)

      1. Of course you're right. Yes to capsules, no to clones!

      2. I stand corrected. I thought the doctrine also prevented them from having any implants. Good thing you mention it too because I was going to write about that period in Amarr history this week.