Monday, April 27, 2015

HP 21: Bring the Lore to Life

Recorded April 19th, 2015

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We welcome CCP Affinity and CCP Falcon to the show!
Our mission for this year is to...bring the lore to everything that you see in the storyline, we want it to also be there ingame. - CCP Affinity

Question for the Panel

What is your favorite story in the Eve Lore?

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

This Episode's question: What does the Capital of Gallente Prime have in common with Caldari ships?

Thanks to Tarek Raimo for coming up with this question!

Mailbag, Corrections, and Updates


CCP Affinity, CCP Falcon, and the Lore

Know Your Lore


Closing Thoughts

  • A huge shoutout to all the people Phy met at fanfest
  • Thanks as always to our Patreon patrons: Chris, Stalence, Bensel, Liam, Benji, and Val, and thanks to our new patrons, Alex and Raspberry Jam!
  • History of the Jove infographic
  • A shoutout to all of our Lore Panelists for another successful panel!

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Introduction and Transition music: Music for the Mosaic Release by CCP Games
Closing music is Hey Pilot by David K. Magnus

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