Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lore Mailbag: The Zephyr

These questions were originally asked during the Rhea Lore Panel but weren't fully answered.

Busybadger from Twitch asks:

"Has there been any insight into the connection between the sisters and sleepers that would lead the sleepers to not attack the Zephyr?"

The Panel's answer:

Nothing that we’ve been explicitly made aware of. It’s possible that the ship is designed so that it simply does not appear to be a threat to the Sleepers - the fact that it doesn’t have proper propulsion like all other ships in EVE and instead uses solar sails could be the contributing factor here, though it does have a warp drive, so who knows?

Actually the Zephyr is not an SOE ship but was developed by the Intaki inventor Valsas en Dilat. Arek’Jalaan tried to find out how it works from the man but never managed to track him down.

The Intaki invented it, the SOE and Serpentis plotted together to use it as a tool to spy on the capsuleers and gather info from w-space. See also the Chronicle “Ante”.

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