Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lore Mailbag: The Talocan

These questions were originally asked during the Rhea Lore Panel but weren't fully answered.

Makotopriano from Twitch asks:

"Who are the Talocan? I've always assumed the Talocan were First Empire Jove"

The panel's answer:

The lore, at least, differentiates between the first Jove Empire and the Talocan.  We have strikingly little info on the Talocan, though, so it IS possible.  I just can’t imagine it being particularly likely. What we do know is that the Talocan were masters of spatial manipulation and hypereuclidean mathematics, which doesn’t seem to tie in particularly well with the Jove’s focus on genetic research or even the Sleeper computerized Constructs.  The architecture of the two doesn't suggest many similarities either.

We also know that at some point the Sleepers and the Talocan had some pretty heady interactions. We discussed this quite a bit during the podcast, though, so I’ll just leave it there unless someone else has something to add.

The Talocan were a different civilization. They arrived in Anoikis before the Sleepers. Despite technological breakthroughs in stargate construction, they never developed infomorph technology and so they died out when they were afflicted with a mysterious pandemic of unknown origins. Maybe the Sleepers created that pandemic, but it looks more likely that the Sleepers actually tried to help because Talocan quarantine sites can be found alongside Sleeper constructs in wormhole space and there is otherwise little evidence of Talocan/Sleeper warfare.

The Talocan are a tricky thing. Their stuff is so integrated with the Sleepers that it’s hard to tell if they were friends or enemies, collaborators or archaeologist and subject. Based on some of the things leaking out of Sisi, I think we’ll be finding out more about the Talocan in the Rhea flavor text of the new sites and beacons. My personal current pet theory: The Talocan were Enheduanni.

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