Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lore Mailbag: Sleepers and Talocan in the same space?

These questions were originally asked during the Rhea Lore Panel but weren't fully answered.

Urazieltsao on Twitch asks:

"Why did the Sleepers follow the Talocan to the same space?"

The Panel's answer:

That’s one of the ongoing mysteries of Anoikis.  Given that the Sleepers have more extensive ruins, my personal belief is that it’s actually the opposite: the Talocan followed the Sleepers to Anoikis, perhaps in hopes that their advanced sciences in the Construct (as we talked about in the podcast) would be able to determine a cure for whatever disease was ailing the Talocan. That said, we simply do not know at this point!

Arek’Jalaan research indicates that the Talocan structures in Anoikis are actually older than the Sleeper structures there.  There are also strong indications that the Talocan were semi-nomadic like the Thukker Tribe because they also have - even older - abandoned settlements in New Eden. Since they appear to have possessed very advanced space-time manipulation technologies, it may be that the Talocan moved even further afield to starclusters we do not even know about.

This is a huge mystery, one of the biggest remaining in my opinion. Here is my current working theory: The Sleepers and the Talocan moved together - if this is true, the most sensible driver is that the Talocan were in fact Enheduanni (caretakers of those in stasis) or their substitutes/replacements. This is based on looking at the COSMOS sites, which have very similar structures to the Talocan sites. Once in w-space, the Talocan had an event that made them abandon their structures - why is another huge question. The Talocan items remaining are still the leftovers from that long ago time. The Sleeper structures, on the other hand, continued to be maintained and upgraded over the course of those centuries - thus their much different appearances.

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