Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lore Mailbag: Sleeper implants in Dust soldiers?

These questions were originally asked during the Rhea Lore Panel but weren't fully answered.

Abelmodeste on Twitch asks:

"It's been a while since I've read Templar One, so this may be way off base: DUST clones are made possible by special Sleeper implants harvested from the Sleepers themselves, right?"

The Panel's answer:

The first generation of DUST soldiers were created by implants stolen directly from Sleeper bodies. That’s what caused all of the problems with the first generation of soldiers (as elaborated on in Templar One and a few chronicles).

However, Empress Sarum realized that the Sleeper implants still had Sleeper consciousnesses in them, and realized the problems that that would (and did) cause. The Empire was able to pretty quickly reverse engineer the second generation of DUST implants.  They are still obviously based on Sleeper tech, but are no longer the actual implants stolen from the Sleepers.  Perhaps in a display of just how serious the Sleeper situation was, she then opened the Empire’s research to the three other empires of New Eden.  After some wrangling and ~politics~ with them, all four empires agreed to base all new DUST soldiers off of the second generation Amarrian implants.  To my knowledge, none of the current DUST soldiers use actual Sleeper implants anymore (and the fact that they aren’t blacking out and writing things on walls supports that theory as well).

The chronicle 514 is where the technology handover that Mark refers to takes place. There was an event for DUST 514 players a while back where they were “hunting” Templars - who, as I understood it, were the last remaining soldiers who still used the Sleeper implants.

All of the above are correct, but I’ll add in these gems from Templar One that show that the Sleepers (or Jovians or the Other) can invade capsuleer brains without this heavy replacement of literal brain parts, via our implants:

“We learned to synchronize biotechnology with quantum entanglement … yes, the same principle that allows synchronous communication among the star systems of New Eden. It is the backbone of capsuleer immortality: instantaneous transmission of brain-state information … we refined it such that entangled nanoscale communication devices could be integrated with cybernetic implants that interface with the cerebral cortex. … You and your colleagues are cerebrally entangled with Empress Jamyl. Her implant is the broadcast source; entangled “receivers” were installed in the recipients.” - Templar One, Chapter 20.

“Empress Sarum was a convenient vector for [The Other’s] entrance into this world: Any immortal with a predictable clone jump was vulnerable, but she was positioned perfectly for his agenda.” - Templar One, Chapter 29.

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