Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lore Mailbag: The Jove and Religion

These questions were originally asked during the Rhea Lore Panel but weren't fully answered.

Defier_orilis from Twitch asks:

"Are Jove/Sleepers based on religion such as Amarr, or do they not believe in anything?"

The panel's answer:

We’ve certainly never heard of them having any sort of religion, so as far as we know, no. The Jovians bred (or genetically engineered, rather) many things out of themselves, including things like emotion and aggression - it’s likely that among the side effects of this was the removal of all of the biological reasons that result in the ‘urge’ to believe in a higher power or some other form of religious faith. One of the guys who’s already read Templar One would be better able to respond regarding the sleepers.

From the source material I can not really deduce a Sleeper religion that is based on a concept of divinity in the same sense as the Amarr religion is. The Sleepers did, however, have a sort of faith which is centered around a nontheistic salvation concept of attaining a higher state of being in a virtual reality utopia. I would sum it up as VR-Buddhism.

The Jove specifically “downgraded” their human emotion and belief sides as Morwen mentioned.

“We have always been astounded at the power of myth. As a culture, we have our regrets, but one benefit of ridding ourselves of emotion was that it removed all susceptibility to religion from our genes. Falek was consumed with your faith and Sarum’s role in it.” - Grious (a Jovian), Templar One, Chapter 20.

That said, the Sleepers are portrayed as much more human and “soft” - it would not surprise me to find out they also had some sort of spirituality left intact.

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