Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lore Mailbag: Getting involved in the Lore?

These questions were originally asked during the Rhea Lore Panel but weren't fully answered.

Many people have asked:

"If I want to get involved in the lore, how do I do that?"

The Panel's answer:

Depends on exactly what you mean by getting involved in the lore. If you’re well-versed in the EVE universe’s official canon lore (sometimes referred to as the Prime Fiction or PF) and want to contribute to it, then the Mercury division of the Interstellar Services Department (ISD) is an option - members there often add bits and pieces to the lore, and may have their things added to the EVElopedia lore dumps in the Fiction Portal every so often. CCP Eterne was a member of ISD Mercury before he was a dev, and contributed quite a lot to the universe we live and play in!

On the other hand, if you meant in the sense of roleplaying, there are a variety of resources available to you:

  • Fiction and Chronicle Portals on EVElopedia
  • Live Events and Intergalactic Summit sections of the official EVE forums
  • forums such as Backstage that are maintained and owned by members EVE’s roleplay community, which have lists of recruiting RP corps as well as active roleplay channels ingame

When it comes to subjects related to the discussion we had on the podcast, the Arek’Jalaan pages on EVElopedia are an incredible resource. They used to have an in-game channel as well which is probably getting a new lease of life these days.

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