Wednesday, November 26, 2014

HP 14: Something to be Excited About

Recorded November 18th, 2014

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Guest expert, Webspaceships of Eve Travel and the Lore Survival Guide

Question for the Panel

What are you thankful for in Eve?

  • Locke: The Third-Party Dev community (with special shoutout to Fuzzy Steve)
  • Mark: Reinvigorated community
  • Ash: How "in the trenches" the CCP Devs are with the community
  • Phy: CCP Seagull's new vision

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Extending the previous episode's question: Which two systems have the most stargates (they're tied), and how many gates does each one have?

Mechanics Drilldown



Emergent Gameplay

Know your Lore

The CONCORD Assembly

Closing Thoughts

  • Hydrostatic is on hiatus until the New Year
  • We can be your ringtones! Check out the Hydrostatic Soundboard at
  • Locke's computer is finished
  • Happy Holidays!

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