Tuesday, November 18, 2014

HP 13: Divine Imperative to be Animals

Recorded November 11th, 2014

Direct link: http://dl.hydrostaticpodcast.com/HP_13_Divine_Imperative_to_be_Animals.mp3


Guest expert, Rixx Javix of Eveoganda

Question for the Panel

What is your favorite pirate faction?

  • Phy: Guristas (because Valkyrie)
  • Locke: Blood Raiders
  • Rixx: Sanshas
  • Ash: Sisters of Eve

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Answer to last episode's question:  "Prototype" with six meta levels (0-4, inclusive, and 6, along with a tier of Dust suits and Weapons)

This episode's question: Which two systems have the most stargates (they're tied), and how many gates does each one have?

Market Lockedown

A new segment where Locke will talk about an aspect of the market and how to get stuff there at the right time. Check out Locke's weekly show at http://twitch.tv/hlibindustry and http://www.youtube.com/user/EVEProsper

Drugs, Drugs, and More Drugs.

Mechanics Drilldown


Know your Lore

The Blood Raiders

Emergent Gameplay

      Closing Thoughts

      • The Children of Light contest is still open, and this episode has a new clue direct from the always-straightforward CCP Fozzie!
      • Thanks to Rixx for creating our awesome logo!
      • Locke wants you to go check out his recent show with Diana Lynn of EveTimeCode.com about PLEX prices.
      • Rixx gives a shoutout to his drug supplier, and many people who helped with the latest Frigate Free-for-All
      • A big thanks to Blastil of Aideron Robotics for doing some background Crimewatch work, and to Mellianah for coming up with this episode's trivia question

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        Phy: “Phyridean” everywhere (twitter, gmail, ingame)


        Introduction and transition music: Music from the Dominion Trailer by CCP Games
        Closing music is "Makalu Cries" by Sindel Pellion 


        1. The hint from Fozzie about the Children of Light is interesting...it's something that is sometimes more likely to happen on SiSi and sometimes more likely to happen on the regular Tranquility server. That makes it sound like an odds-based event it involved...the phenomenon won't always show up. It also steers away from the "carry item X in your ship of type Y" (i.e slaves in an Amarr vessel) idea.

          Could it be linked to the number of players signed on to the game?

          I left my client open and recorded video over two nights just orbiting the gate at 25km in a cloaked heron. I saw a lot of ships come through, a couple of fights, (including a guy get taken out by concord), a large group of industrial ships several times...all to no avail. No space pixies showed up.

          1. "Could it be linked to the number of players signed on to the game?"

            IIRC SiSi doesn't have regular downtime as Tranquility does, right?
            You may be on to something there with the number of players active.

          2. I'd actually be kind of annoyed if this turned out to be the case. The triggering of the lights should, IMHO, be triggered by something related to what's in the chronicle, not some weird unmentioned mechanism. My first guess was something about carrying slaves (maybe in an Amarr ship), since that is what the Chronicle describes.

            We'll see, eventually, what the answer is; I hope its a satisfying one.

        2. BTW guys, the chronicle series that Phyridian mentions which has the Blood Raiders in it *and* describes the events which lead to the Seyllin incident was rendered as an audiobook-style reading by the guy who does the EVE Reader Podcast. The first episode can be found here: evereader.phoibe.org/?p=53

        3. First time listening to this podcast, big thumbs up. In the lore segment about Blood Raiders, I immediately and passionately demand that CCP change the game to allow Blood Raider rats to scram/web capsules and capture pilots. Once captured, the capsuleer spends 1-3 days being drained and either at the end of this time dies and is reinserted into a new clone, or lives on with a possible permanent loss of skill points. A brutal end that would maybe payoff in better loot upon kills, but realistic to the brutality of the cult being dealt with.

          What do you think?
          Slim Andnone - Sadly expired, but hoping for a Cyber Monday deal for more game time.