Thursday, October 16, 2014

HP 12: I'm Gonna Start My Own Thing

Recorded October 14th, 2014

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Guest expert, Rhavas of Interstellar Privateer

Question for the Panel

What would you like to see at the other end of player-made stargates?

Phy: New skill trees!
Locke: New industry!
Rhavas: Connect to Jove Space, or space with an entirely different set of environmental mechanics
Ash: Space totally cut off from Empire space

Rhavas mentiones a series of posts on about some good ideas on how new space should work:

Phyridean's Pub Quiz

Answer to last episode's question: By holding his hand in the air, the symbol of the Amarr Empire becomes the symbol of the Khanid Kingdom, as the two are reflections of each other about a horizontal axis.

This episode's question: Usually, with modules, their meta level is displayed somewhere in the name, such as “Modulated” which refers to meta level 4 laser weapons (and also a tech 2 mining laser). What meta module term is used across the largest number of meta levels, and how many meta levels does it refer to?

Know your Lore

The Empires are Lying to You

Emergent Gameplay


    Closing Thoughts

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      1. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed talking with you. The episode turned out great!

        1. It was great having you on! Hopefully you can come back and talk with us again soon (with Mark and Morwen!).

      2. New Fan here.

        After playing EVE since 2008 and hearing about it for years before I climbed way up in "end game" experience. I made a news site, wrote for others, and read everything on player politics and current events... I've been chasing the normal path of player experience, leveling and joining prestigious alliances and all that nullsec stuff (and having HIisec calts to poke around on). It's competitive EVE

        After listening to last weeks podcast, and this weeks podcast I realized "I'm doing it wrong." I'm playing EVE one way. You guys are playing it another. It feels like I went to a different country and am in awe that people can live like that!

        The Lore - fantastic!
        The over all tone of the show - uplifting and open
        The information - detailed without being condescending

        I cannot express how much I enjoyed listening to your podcast. I'm blown away and will actually go back and listen to as many of the previous ones as I can - even though they are not current anymore.

        1. I'm really glad to hear that you enjoy the show so much. Comments like this make it all worthwhile!

        2. Ash here,

          First off thank you so much for your praise and feedback, although I would argue that there is no "wrong" way unless you aren't having fun! I myself have been learning about new facets of the game I have missed on a near weekly bases.

          Secondly, we try to make our shows as time insensitive as possible, so hopefully they will still be good for you.

          Ether way, I am glad you enjoy our work. We do our best to continue to improve and make this show worth listening too!

      3. Dropping in late to mention that Julianus Soter is my alliance leader these days (Villore Accords) and an all-around great guy and amazing FC.