Friday, August 15, 2014

HP 8: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Recorded August 12th, 2014

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Guest Expert: Blastil of Aideron Robotics is back with the second half of our FC series.

Question for the Panel

Which former CCPer do you miss the most?

The Metagame

FCing, part 2

Our first returning guest, Blastil, talks with us more about FCing and how to deal with failure. We wax philosophical on the value of command voice, having the respect of your fleetmates, and never going to bed angry.


    In the first ever Hydrostatic Podcast Retrospective, we take a look at the Crius changes we discussed before they came out in Episode 4, and see how they're doing now that they're live on Tranquility.

    Know your Lore

    Old Man Star

    • The chronicle on Ouperia, Ceul Darieux, and how Old Man Star got its name.

    Closing Thoughts

    • CCP Fozzie will be on Episode 9 to talk about Hyperion and the Alliance Tournament. If there's something you'd like us to ask him, contact us and let us know.
    • Eve303, the Colorado Eve group, will be hosting an Alliance Tournament finals party at Safehouse Gaming in Lakewood on Sunday, September 7th. Join the Eve303 Google Plus group, the Eve303 ingame channel, or the EveColoradoMail mailing list in game to get in touch with others from Colorado. If you have a regional gaming event, let us know, and we'll feature it on the air.
    • Blastil shouts out to Templis for bringing the fight in Actee
    • Ash finishes it off with a heartfelt tribute to Robin Williams, who inspired us all

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    Closing music for this episode provided by Sindel Pellion: I Will Survive (Radio Edit) by Sindel Pellion
    Introduction and transition music: Surplus of Rare Artifacts by CCP Games

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