Thursday, July 31, 2014

HP 7: A Happy Ending in Eve?

Recorded July 29th, 2014

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Guest Expert: Marcel Devereux, developer of Aura for Android, and CEO of Aideron Robotics

Question for the Panel

What is your favorite non-Aura 3rd-party Eve tool?


The Metagame

The Eve API

We discuss what the API does now, and what CREST (the Carbon REST API) could do in the future.


    The panelists answer questions about solo PVP from Anarchojon, trade hubs from Noxidos, and Niden Sommer writes back that he has a good fit that mixes gun sizes.

    Submit your questions to or @hydrostaticcast on Twitter, and we'll answer them on the air.

    Know your Lore


    Closing Thoughts

    • Phy shouts out to Scatha, Locke shouts out to Locke, and Marcel trolls Locke.

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    Closing music for this episode provided by Sindel Pellion: "Good Fight, ft. DJ Starstream"
    Transition music: Odyssey (Stellar Shadows Anniversary) by CCP Games

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